Catherine Adenle uses her creativity to present and reveal the soul of her articles on LinkedIn SlideShare.
For her readers and fans of her change and career articles, she presents technical information clearly, concisely, and persuasively.

These are some of Catherine’s Presentations on LinkedIn SlideShare:

What is Change Management?

What is Change Management? If I put a penny in a jar each time I get asked the question, ‘What is Change Management?’ I’d be rolling in serious amount of money by now. I have heard this question from friends and some colleagues in passing or in formal settings. While many of us understand change, it’s hard conveying its management to people.


Make a Great Impression at Work

Explore the A – Z Guide of how to make a great impression at work. As the job market is extremely competitive and jobs are no longer for life, doing a great job is more than simply getting the job done. It’s also about building a solid reputation and making a great impression in your workplace.