Explore Catherine Adenle’s change articles. She shares change tips and tricks, provides inspiration and answers change questions through the content that she creates and curates. What sets her apart? She writes clearly and includes easy to follow steps in all her change articles. 

Change Articles and Presentations by Catherine Adenle

Enthused by the journey of managing successful change in organizations, Catherine Adenle’s change articles allow her to share tips, tools and resources of change. As the business landscape evolves, so too are the skills, knowledge and information required to manage change and operate successfully within a global business environment. Implementing successful change management needs meticulous plans and this is where Catherine empowers people and organizations through change articles.

Using her well-honed strong people management skills and change knowledge, Catherine Adenle provides the information, tools, tips, clarity, communication, support and involvement needed for successful change management in organizations. She has written several popular articles on change management.

In a competitive global business environment, it is critical that organizations keep the ability to manage change and the efforts to become change ready at the forefront. These are some of Catherine Adenle’s change articles, Infographics and Presentations:

12 Deadly Sins of Change Implementation in Organizations

Explore these 12 deadly sins of change implementation in organizations. Change is here to stay, so organizations must avoid deep and deadly pot-holes on the road to change success. They can only do so by knowing these 12 deadly sins of change implementation. By Catherine Adenle Knowing these 12 deadly sins of change implementation in organizations is vital.

Successful Change Implementation in Organizations: 4 Components (Infographic)

Explore these 4 key inter-related components of successful change implementation in organizations. In all organizations, change only happens if and when it is initiated. Successful change implementation cannot happen without these 4 key components. Miss any of these 4 components from the onset of a major change and the change efforts will fail.