Catherine Adenle is the Founder, Lead Author & Editor of Catherine’s Career Corner. Catherine established the Career site to empower all career minded individuals by providing a source for tips, practical ideas, tools, resources and discussions about career related issues.
The career site empowers and inspires ambitious candidates of all ages and professions to thrive and work smarter on their careers. It also helps you to explore your career at any stage.

These are some of Catherine’s Career articles, Infographics and Presentations:

100 Blog Articles That Every Job Seeker Should Read

As jobs are vanishing at the fastest rate in more than five years and as the pace is expected to increase before it subsides, it is important to know where to go in order to find helpful information or gather tools and tips on what do in order to secure a new job. This article contains the list of 100 Blog articles that every job seeker should read.


Want to Destroy Your Career? See 8 Ways

In organisations, every day, executives, managers and employees just like you and I self-destruct. They don’t just shoot themselves in the foot, they they go a step further to destroy their careers. Sometimes, they sabotage their entire career, and they do it in the most unfathomable dramatic fashion. Want to destroy your career? Explore 8 ways to do so.